Situated near Mangaldoi town in the Darrang district on the North bank of river Brahmaputra in Assam, Tongani Tea Estate was first planted by Mr. George Bridge in the year 1893. Taken over by the Daga family of Kolkata in 1933, the Estate went through a complete re-plantation process over the years.

Currently Tongani Tea Estate belongs to Tongani Tea Company Ltd., of which Mr. Manoj Kumar Daga is the Chairman, Mr. S. P. Singh is the CEO. The company is professionally managed and listed on the Calcutta Stock Exchange.

Even today, after over a hundred years of plantation and going through various political, economic and environmental changes, we, at Tongani Tea Estate continuously strive to bring that ‘perfect’ cup of health to those who truly love and value tea. Nothing has been able to change our determination to deliver a consistently appealing flavour.

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